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Located at the entrance to the wonderful San Vincenzo, our restaurant offers typical fish dishes. 

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Pizza al salame piccante

Cocktail Bar

Our Cocktails, a journey into flavor in liquid form.

A mature intoxication that goes beyond the glass, a journey into taste, pleasure for the palate.

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Our cuisine 

From typical traditional Tuscan dishes, our restaurant is renowned for its fish dishes, our kitchen takes care of every dish in detail, from the search for the perfect and fresh product to the plating.


Our artisanal ice cream shop 

When the love for ice cream meets the desire to create a mix of the highest quality products, a unique product is born, crafted with the best techniques of the ice cream maker's art.

The careful selection of market-leading suppliers, such as Fabbri1905 and Martini, combined with the passion for a product loved all over the world, make ice cream one of the best culinary experiences.

Coni di gelato
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