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Pizzeria and Grill Restaurant

Our restaurant overlooks the wonderful Olympic swimming pool

Open every day from April to November

Lunch 12.00-2.30pm

Dinner 7.00pm-10.30pm

Pizza al salame piccante
Pizza al salame piccante

The pizzeria

The use of top quality flours, such as vegetables. All the ingredients that we select for toppings, make our pizzas perfect.

Mery, our pizza chef is particularly attentive in all phases of dough preparation, starting from the leavening which has 72 hours, and 48 hours for the maturation; all the time necessary for the pizza dough to reach the highest quality standards.


Our cuisine and Grill

Our kitchen prepares traditional Tuscan and Italian dishes every day.

All the products we choose fro you are of the highest quality, as are all the carefully selected local suppliers.

We love to take care of every course in detail so that our food is not only good but also pleasing to the eye.

Our grill is designed for meat and fish lovers, who can enjoy the best quality products cooked by our Chef Gillardin.

La Gelateria

Our Gelateria Artigianale

When the love for ice cream meets the desire to create a mix of the highest quality products, a unique product is born, processed with the best techniques of the gelato maker's art.

The careful selection of market-leading suppliers, such as Fabbri1905 and Martini, combined with the passion for a product loved all over the world, make gelato one of the best culinary experiences.

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